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NOTE: This does not include edge of madness, we're not going to waste time on it.

First off, i'll write a short introduction to Zul'Gurub, normally, this was the first raid guilds tried in classic, in other words, the entry raid in wow. ZG is fairly easy, but you still gotta be on your toes. The inhabitants of ZG are the gurubashi, and bosses are mainly animal aspects. The exceptions are bloodlord mandokir (also known as raptor boss), jin'do the hexxer (which isnt too famous anymore, but he was known to be even harder than hakkar), and of course the end boss, Hakkar.

The main thing is, we have to kill all high priests (which have taken on animal aspects, and are corrupted by hakkar). If we dont kill them, hakkar will have several extra buffs and extra hp, making him nearly impossible to kill. The high priests are as following.

High priestess Jeklik - She has taken on the bat aspect.
High priest Venoxis - He has taken on the snake aspect.
High priestess Mar'li - She has taken on the spider aspect.
High priest Thekal - He has taken on the tiger aspect.
High priestess Arlokk - She has taken on the panther aspect.

Bloodlord Mandokir - He is probably a general for hakkar, loyal even after death.
Jin'do the Hexxer - He is obviously a hexxer, i.e. some kind of witch doctor.
Hakkar - Calls himself an old god, relatively hard fight for anyone not done him before.

Now that I have introduced you to Zul'Gurub, i'd like to start with tactics for each boss, first off we have;

High priestess Jeklik

Jeklik is a relatively easy boss. There are two phases, in phase 1, she flies down as a bat, and has a couple of special abilities. These are Charge, Sonic Burst (aoe silence, often used after a random charge), AoE fear. She also summons small bats every minute. Random charge and sonic burst are handled by not standing next to other people, while the fear is handled with tremor totem. The small bats have to be aoe'd down quickly, this isnt a problem with 51 point talents and our gear.

In phase 2 (50% hp) she goes back to troll form. She has a new range of abilities, these are; Shadow word pain (are to be dispelled), mind flay (ignored/overhealed) and at last, the "killer" ability of this boss; Greater heal. This MUST be interrupted EVERY time. One last ability has in troll form is to summon troll bombers. They are not targetable and will throw fire bombs all over the place, and as common sense tells you; fire is bad, so move ;).

Next, we have High priest Venoxis

Venoxis has taken on the snake aspect, unlike jeklik, he starts in his troll form and goes snake form at 50% first. In troll form, he has a couple of abilities to watch out for, the first is holy fire. It SHOULD get interrupted, deals quite some damage. He also does renew, it has to be dispelled instantly. Third ability is holy wrath, it is almost like chain lightning, it jumps to targets, but unlike chain lightning, it deals MORE damage per jump. In other words, we have to spread out. He also does dispel magic, and holy nova, but there is nothing to be done against that (please chose talents whom decreases the chance of your magic/debuff being dispelled). The last ability to watch out for is his parasitic serpent, he spawns a very small serpent which should be killed immediately. Its very small, and can only take one hit, but its quite annoying.

In phase 2, he goes snake form, at this point he will do an ability called poison cloud. When he does it, every single melee class except for the tank has to move away, then run back in when its gone. The other ability he does is poison spit, this is a poison and should be cured.

It worth noting he has 4 snakes as guards, we will kill these off quickly before starting on Venoxis.

Moving on to High priestess Mar'li

This one is a bit trickier than the first two high priests. First off, she has two forms aswell. Spider form, and troll form. She cycles between these throughout the fight, when she does it is random. In troll form, she will do a life drain, this has to be interrupted, heals her alot. She also spawns spiders from time to time, these are weak at the beginning, but over time they grow stronger, thus posing more of a treath. They have to be killed immediately, when they are at their weakest. When she goes spider form, she will web all in melee range, then charge a random caster target. The solution is usually to have an offtank stand guard by the casters and pick Mar'li up after the charge. There's going to be alot of curing poison in this fight, so shamans will use cleansing totem.

Now, Bloodlord Mandokir.

He is some kind of general in Zul'Gurub, he sits on his raptor, "Ohgan". We wll have to fight both, though the raptor doesnt really pose a threat. Mandokir is pulled when you kill the ambassador at the bottom of the stairs. Because of Patriots gear, the raptor will be killed asap. This does cause mandokir to enrage, but its not that bad, im very certain our tank can hold the fort there. Also, mandokir does a random charge (this will be countered with positioning), an AoE fear (will be affecting melee), a lethal whirlwind and the most important one: Threatening Gaze. Mandokir starts "watching" a random player in the raid, if this player causes any kind of threat (through any action including buffing), mandokir will charge him/her and cause alot of damage. When mandokir kills a player, he will get stronger, in return, any dead players will recieve a ressurection. However, if he feeds too much, he will get extremely hard to handle.

Next is High priest Thekal

Thekal is assisted by two mobs, Zealoth Lor'kan and Zealoth Zath. Lor'kan is a shaman type, she does a nasty heal which has to be interrupted. Zealoth Zath does some good melee damage, he also does a gouge which makes him run off and kill whatever is next on the aggro table. The thing here is that the three of them has to be killed at the same time. We will do this by bringing one by one down to 15% hp, then aoe them down together. When this is done, Thekal will ressurect in his tiger form, from now on it gets easier. He does some damage, but he's mostly tank and spank. Midfight, two weak tigers will spawn.

Last of the high priests, High priestess Arlokk

She is engaged alone, but as the encounter progresses, weak panthers will keep spawning. They are to be offtanked while arlokk is in her troll form, then when she suddenly vanishes, they are to be killed. She will suddenly appear after some time and backstab one of the raid members, this is why weak members will have to stand with their back against the wall. In this she also marks a raid member for the panthers to kill, when a raid member is marked, we got to protect them. Else, she does a gouge, but all in all, its fairly easy.

This is the first bosses of Zul'Gurub, the ones remaining are Hakkar and Jin'do. I'll take Jin'do some other time, for now, i'll end with Hakkar;


Hakkar is now fully vulnerable after having lost all his corrupt high priests, and is ready to be killed. He is on the temple in the middle of the city, surrounded by mobs. He has a range of abilities, but the most important one to know is the blood siphon. When he does this ability, he stuns all raid members and start draining blood from us. This heals for a significant amount of health and has to be countered with a unusal method. Around on his temple, there are some patrols called Son of hakkar. When these are killed, they emit a poison cloud, giving you corrupted blood. If we have this buff before blood siphon, hakkar will take damage instead of healing. It works like this: One member doesnt make it to the cloud before the siphon, the 17 others do (except for MT and OT, they will never go into the cloud). Then he will get 3 stacks of healing buffs, and 17 stacks of damage debuffs. They arent equal, so if there are 10 stacks of healing buffs, and 10 stacks of damage debuffs, he will still gain hp. There are several ways to prepare for this, either, we can have a hunter pull it up before the blood siphon, or we could have one there polymorphed. It depends on our number of mages, because hakkar has another ability, mind control. He mind controls the person who has the most threat, in other words, the main tank. He will then have to be controlled via polymorph or any other kind of CC until the mind control ends or is dispelled (I think it can be dispelled).

Other than that, its a dps race, Hakkar has a hard enrage. Which isnt pretty! If we can take Hakkar down, we will definitely have a good thing going on, it takes coordination, teamplay and basic understanding.

Please have these tactics somewhat memorized until our first ZG raid, even though ill explain them before each boss, i'd like to have most members be certain on them. The worst thing we can do is to underestimate encounters, and some of these bosses will definitely give us a slap. Come prepared :-).

Cheers, Dark.
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Very nice work dark, I really appriciate what you doing for the guild :)

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